goodwill to all, but mostly to me


Today, I discovered the most beautiful Goodwill I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s not hard for me to make that statement because most Goodwill’s are the place where 90’s clothing goes to commit suicide. The Goodwill in Bartlett, IL was banging! Let me tell you, they know how to organize their shit and they somehow conned the high school student population into volunteering their time. Anyway, when we pulled up in front of Mecca, I shouted for joy (seriously). We’re broke as shit right now so I thought Goodwill would be a good place to go and maybe find something for the apartment or clothes for work. That was before I discovered their book section. Holy mother of kit! They had SO many books and they were books that I would actually want to read. It took every ounce of self control I possess, which is very little, to not start shoving books into a cart and cackling to myself. As I ran my fingers over the rows and rows of books I thought, “My precious…I takes them…” Sadly, Michael limited me to two but I know it was for the best (I snuck a third out anyway, hehe).

After I tore myself away from the books, I took some time to investigate the rest of the store. They definitely have more stuff then any other Goodwill I have ever been to and it’s all actually decent. Most of the clothes are in style and don’t have the freaky Goodwill smell. There was one thing that bugged me about this place….the patrons. Before I continue I have to take this chance to say I love children. I know they do not like to go shopping with their parents and that they get rambunctious. Everyone understand? I am not a mean person! Now, as for these children and their families I’ll say this…it’s time for another flood. If you are going to drag your child to a Goodwill and make them wait around while you try on clothes or look at furniture at least give them something to do. When they are bored and antsy I, a happy shopper, have to spend my time climbing over your kids as they pull every toy off the shelf and scream at each other. I have to be responsible for making sure your TWO YEAR OLD doesn’t smash her head open as she tries to get her stubby little leg onto a desk chair with wheels. Seriously? If you’re going to bring your kids just keep an eye on them. This is how kids get kidnapped or hurt and nobody wants that!


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